'Kerr brings brilliantly to life a north Italian valley community where the heroism and betrayal of its local resistance against Nazi occupiers still cast long shadows'
- The Times Crime Club

The Partisan Heart

Gordon Kerr

The Italian Alps,1944. The Resistance is fighting a bitter battle against German forces on the treacherous mountains of the Valtellina. Eighteen-year-old Sandro Bellini falls in love with the wife of his Commander. No good can come of it.

London,1999. Michael Keats is mourning the death of his wife, killed in a hit and run accident in Northern Italy. His discovery that she had been having an affair devastates him and he sets out to find the identity of her lover.

That journey leads him to the villages of the Valtellina, where he becomes embroiled in a crime of treachery and revenge. The brutal repercussions of the war are still reverberating, and as Michael uncovers the truth of his wife’s affair, he reveals five decades of duplicity and deception.

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'Gordon Kerr’s first historical crime fiction is as complex as it is compelling.' Sunday Post

'An enthralling story of love and betrayal, weaving superbly between 1999 and 1944, between Britain and the Italian Alps’. Books for Scotland

Published 5th June 2019
ISBN 978-1-999-61359-4
216 x 135mm