'A gorgeous tale of friendship, family and faith. Beautifully written and thoughtful'
- Freya North

The Girls' Book Of Priesthood

Louise Rowland

July 2016. Margot Goodwin arrives as the new curate at St Mark’s, Highbury. She’s one part exhilarated, ten parts terrified.

This is the most important twelve months of her life. Success would mean becoming a fully-fledged priest a year from now, something she feels profoundly called to do. Failure would not only prove her father right, but also delight all those in the anti camp who consider woman priests an abomination.

Can she convince everyone – herself included - that she’s more than a five foot eight redhead with a PhD and a penchant for Max Factor’s Mulberry Lipfinity?

Meticulously researched, this is the first novel to focus on the challenges facing a young female priest. Published for the anniversary of womens’ ordination in March 2018.

Published 1st March 2018
ISBN 978-0-995-48228-9
216 x 135 mm

B format pb
ISBN 978-1-999-81177-8

ISBN 978-0-995-48229-6