'‘A soulful and twisty tale. Persaud’s sharp and seductive prose enthrals’'
- Sophie Hannah

The Codes of Love

Hannah Persaud

Ryan and Emily appear to have it all, successful jobs, a beautiful house and the secret to a happy marriage. A secret that involves certain ‘rules’.

Beneath the surface trouble is brewing in the shape of Ada. Whimsical, free spirted and beholden to no-one, she represents the freedom Emily’s been striving for, and the escape that Ryan didn’t know he wanted. As they are separately, and secretly, drawn to her, things start to unravel. The ‘rules’ are still the rules, to be taken seriously, not to be broken….

This is a wonderfully compelling portrait of a marriage by a striking new talent.

Published 4th March 2020
ISBN 978-1-999-31353-1
216 x 138 mm