The Sons of Adam
by Alan Mackie

In this unique personal Cairo diary kept during the October 1973 war with Israel Alan Mackie analyses Egypt’s present attitude to the West, the legacy left by the colonial era and the West’s unconditional support for Israel which still poisons relations with the Arab world.

About the Author

Alan Mackie lived in Cairo through the two the great turning points in modern Egyptian history: the October war and the tumultuous final years of Sadat’s presidency. As a freelance journalist for several British newspapers and journals he witnessed the turmoil created by Egypt’s separate peace with Israel which led to Sadat’s assassination in October 1981. Many years spent subsequently covering the Middle East from London provide him with an unparalleled historical perspective to interpret the sociological and political consequences of the Tahrir Square Revolution.

404 pages
210 x 148 mm
ISBN 978-0-9572136-2-3

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