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'An amazing story of dogged determination to realise a Persian garden vision.  Frustrating obstacles are ultimately overcome in this serious but humorous book. A lesson in horticultural perseverance becomes an emotional experience for both author and reader.'
Penelope Hobhouse

'A beautifully written tale of courage, calamity and persistence.  Great on plants too.'
Ken Livingstone

The Gardens That Mended A Marriage
by Karen Moloney

Karen Moloney has always been a keen gardener and her first two north London gardens were expertly tended and developed. But when her children left home they left a gap in her and her husband’s lives. So Karen suggested to her successful architect husband that he build them a house in Spain. This book is an account of that process. Little did they know what difficulties they would encounter both from the terrain and the requirements of Spanish planning law. The Persian garden that Karen had planned produced its own problems and it is fascinating to follow her account of how she searched for the right plants for the dry soil and the failures and successes she experienced. Her account is lively and funny and provides a great deal of professional gardening expertise, but underlying it is an absorbing story about love. 

More information on this amazing project can be found on Karen Moloney’s blog

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About the Author

Dr Karen Moloney is a business psychologist, working for global clients as a coach and educator.