210 x 140 mm
ISBN 978-0-9928171-7-6

The Adventures of Wendy Howard-Watt
by Alan Franks

Wendy Howard-Watt is about a celebrity interviewer on a struggling national newspaper. Wendy will do anything to prise the secrets from the most famous people on the planet. Since all her rivals are phone-hacking, she too learns the skill by practising on her mother-in-law. Her old and not-so-old sins threaten to bring her stellar career crashing to the ground. When the possibility of salvation appears, it is surely too good to be true.

This brilliant new comedy takes us from the troubled offices of a dying broadsheet into the lives of the great and less than good; we enter the strange worlds of a stage legend with a dark secret, the menacing founder of LitRock music, a sensational arts mystery and the unseen empire of the world’s richest woman.

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