Out of Time
by Ruth Boswel

Out of Time is a passionate and violent story set in a primitive parallel world into which Joe Harding, a seventeen year old boy, is catapulted. He has to survive against a cruel tyrant who has enslaved his country. He finds shelter among a hidden band of dissidents and has his first passionate love affair with one of the girls who finally sacrifices her life for him. Joe heads a rebellion against the tyrant and liberates the country. In the final fight he is attacked and finds himself back on his own planet. The two years he has been away - although only a few minutes in his own time - are a rites of passage which changes him utterly and forever.

'I have to say that Out of Time stands proudly on my shelf of favourites. It is an extraordinary book, beautifully written and psychologically stimulating. To me it reflects aspects of humanity in a raw, sometimes provocative and honest way that evokes many emotions... an adventure, a real treasure of a book, one not to be missed!' Elaine Beard, Amazon

370 pages
180 x 110 mm
ISBN 978-0-9547959-0-3

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About the Author

Ruth Boswell’s career has been largely as a producer in TV and film production. She worked at the BBC for eight years, producing major TV series with actors such as Juliet Stevenson, Patrick Stewart, Michael Kitchen and Kenneth Branagh. This was followed by four highly successful series of The Chief for Anglia TV starring Martin Shaw and Tim Piggott Smith. In 1995 she co-produced, with the director Peter Yates, a feature film for Hollywood, The Run of the Country by Shane Connaughton starring Albert Finney. She adapted Catherine Storr’s famous children’s book Marianne Dreams for TV. This was followed by a children’s novel, Emmy published by Routledge & Kegan Paul and read on Jackanory by Hayley Mills. She co-wrote, with Francis Kennett, a book about slavery, Antigua