Fugues on a Funny Bone
by Jan Wool

Witty, poignant and penetrating, Jan Woolf’s stories - or fugues, as she likes to think of them - take the reader on an episodic journey through the linked lives of children and adults in a London Pupil Referral Unit. From a Hackney towpath to a day trip to Albania, she covers subjects as disparate as physics, communism and pornography. Read separately they are a delight - read sequentially they chart the developing relationship between two adults, themselves struggling with interior lives not unlike the children they attempt to educate in a contemporary climate of cant and management speak. Images of sculptures by Richard Niman accompany the stories, acting as dramatic visual stepping stones between them.


186 pages
250 x 170 mm
ISBN 978-0-9565575-0-6

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These stories are not only moving, funny and provocative: they are also deeply pertinent to our confused and confusing times.
- Lindsay Clarke

You have knowledge.
- Adrian Mitchell

Jan Woolf has a sexy, vigorous imagination and the art to realise all her good ideas. I love her writing.
- Edmund White

About the Author

Jan Woolf is a painter, writer, producer and reviewer. She has also spent many years as a special needs teacher living a parallel life as a political activist. Her brief time as a film censor provided rich material for her first play Porn Crackers directed by Ruth Boswell and produced at the Hackney Empire in 2009, where she has held the first Harold Pinter writer's residency.