Follow Me...
by Joan Alexander

Follow Me... A diary of love, loss and fine dining in a dying empire.

Joan Alexander’s father was a general and read poetry to her from an early age. As one of five siblings she was always creeping away to read in attics or hay lofts. In her early teens she passionately wanted to be an actress and went to Fay Compton’s drama school. When she was offered a leading junior part in a film however, she was taken away from the school by her father, who only appreciated Shakespeare.

She played lacrosse for the South of England and began to write short stories influenced by her love for Katherine Mansfield. She married a diplomat after World War Two, and wrote the novels which were to keep her writer’s spirit alive during a gruelling life of entertaining and diplomatic strain. Her work was usually placed in the country she was living in at the time; Aden, Cyprus, Nigeria, China, and Kenya. She now lives in London, where she is working on her fifteenth book.


319 pages
210 x 148 mm
ISBN 978-0-9565575-2-0

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