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Cleaning Up
by Paul Connor-Kearns

This contemporary, urban drama unfolds throughout a year, in time and in tune with the streams of consciousness of its protagonists; a teenage boy adrift on the city’s drug raddled estates, a young ambitious policeman and a youth worker involved in both worlds. The story reflects on the halting journey from boyhood to manhood, the choices that people make and their consequences. Through the fragile yet implacable logic of the inner lives of the characters, we see how lives can be lost to drugs, sons lost to mothers and how inner city riots might happen. The complexities of familial, community, class and relationship based loyalties are examined with humour and hard-hitting compassion.

Paul Connor-Kearns was born in Oldham and spent his formative years travelling and working in Europe and the Middle East. He travelled to Australia in the late nineteen eighties and has lived there for twenty years - over a decade of them with Aboriginal people. Paul returned to the UK in 2005 and it was this ‘coming home’ that led to him writing Cleaning Up, his first novel.

370 pages
210 x 140 mm
ISBN  978-0-9572136-3-0

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