Capitalism Versus Planet Earth
by Fawzi Ibrahi

This book is unique and – if you care about the planet that sustains us – required reading. It is about the dangerous intersection of ecological crisis and economic crisis. - Andrew Kliman, Professor of Economics at Pace University, New York

Is it a coincidence that the environment is heading towards a tipping point at the same time as capitalism faces a crisis of equally serious dimensions? Capitalism versus Planet Earth examines the relationship between the two crises. Are they related? Is there a cause and effect?

Fawzi Ibrahim states ‘Today the planet faces a double whammy: environmental meltdown and an economic crisis the like of which has never been experienced… This dual threat is not a coincidence – one feeds the other, and both are poised at the edge of a vortex. A stark choice faces humanity - save the planet and ditch capitalism or save capitalism and ditch the planet.’

300 pages
ISBN 978-0-9568920-8-9

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‘Thousands of experts have contributed to establishing the reality of climate change, despite furious attempts by industry lobbyists to undermine their work.  Scientists have at last begun to establish limited statistical associations, evidence pointing to a causal connection between 150 years of industrial production and at least some of the extreme weather events occurring around the globe.

'This breakthrough is an important rebuff to the powerful corporate lobby…

'Fawzi Ibrahim goes further, however, deploying some powerful theoretical weapons learned from electronic engineering and economics, extending beyond the work of the natural scientists. He shows why it is the capitalist system of social relations that necessarily leads to the disruption of the planet’s ecological system and threatens all life on the planet.

'The importance of Ibrahim’s theoretical explanation cannot be overstated, because it gives us the chance to attack the problem with surgical precision. If you know where the cancer is to be found, and act quickly enough, it can be removed…’ - Gerry Gold, A World to Win | Book Review | Save the planet and ditch capitalism

‘... a useful counter to those who desperately want to believe in easy solutions... Ibrahim demonstrates that it is not the “unacceptable faces of capitalism” which cause the environmental crisis. It is the profit motive, the essence of capitalism...

‘Ibrahim has an eye for the ironic contrast. Apologists for capitalism claimed that the power of capitalism could be harnessed to save the planet.

‘[It] is a more than welcome and necessary contribution to that vital struggle.

‘The author exposes attempts to provide solutions within capitalism - the no-growth theories, the “polluter pays” principle, carbon trading, “ethical” capitalism and the rest’.

- Joe Clark, Morning Star 24/7/2012

About the Author

Born in Baghdad in 1943, Fawzi Ibraham studied electronic engineering at the University of Greenwich 1961-4, and economics at the University of Westminster 1967-9. This fusion of disciplines provided a unique opportunity to throw new light on capitalist production.

Following a spell in industry, he taught electronics at the College of North West London, and held major local and national posts in the lecturers’ union NATFHE (National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education): with twenty-four years on the national executive, nine of which as national treasurer. He became a union trustee after NATFHE was amalgamated into the University and College Union (UCU).

Fawzi Ibrahim has a number of published books on electronics, computers, digital television and video technology: most of them translated into several languages. He is also a contributor to Electronics World. This is his first book on political economy.