Beckett’s Last Act
by Mora Grey

During the course of a final rehearsal of Samuel Beckett's two most enigmatic plays, Krapps' Last Tape and Not I,  Mora Grey burrows into the psyches of the production team and of the playwright himself as he watches, pontificates and finally demonstrates how one of his most famous characters should be played. Members of the team reflect and, in one tragic case, lose themselves in the texts during this gripping, psychological account of the making of drama. 

Mora Grey is a psychotherapist practicing in London. This is her debut novel, which has been adapted for the stage by the Isosceles Theatre Company and was premiered in October 2014 at the Yvonne Arnaud  Theatre, Mill Studio, Guildford, England.



210 x 140 mm

ISBN 978-0-9928171-0-7

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