A Faraway Country
by Ruth Boswell

A Faraway Country is the story of a Jewish family in pre-war Czechoslovakia. It follows their fate from the time of the signing of the Munich Treaty on 1 October 1 1938 which gave the Germans the right to invade the Sudetenland, the German section of the country. This was followed by the Reich’s illegal invasion of the rest of Czechoslovakia in March 1939. 

The family’s fate mirrors that of today’s Syrian refugees, victims of a political power over which they have no control.

The book also relates the political machinations that took place during this period.  France and England had signed a treaty with Czechoslovakia which obliged them to defend the country if it was threatened. Chamberlain, however, negotiated appeasement with Hitler and the treaty was not honoured.  It spelled the death of a democracy and launched World War 2.

A Faraway Country is only available as an eBook and can be downloaded from all eBook sites.

About the Author

Ruth Boswell, who is of Czech origin and came to the UK in 1938, pursued a career in TV and Film as a drama producer. She worked for the BBC, ATV Network, Thames TV, Anglia and other ITV companies. She also co-produced with Peter Yates a Hollywood film The Run of the Country by Shane Connaughton, starring Albert Finney. 

She subsequently established a publishing company, Muswell Press whose books have had notable successes. Alan Franks’ The Notebook of Dr Newgate was chosen as one of the Guardian Books of 2014; a film option was bought on Leon Arden’s novel The Walk to the Paradise Garden; a stage play has been adapted from Mora Grey’s novel Beckett’s Last Act which is also now being considered as a radio play by the BBC.